Some Good Links

Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal CFR ::: (Fr. Stan's community) The CFR community is seeking to participate evermore fruitfully in God's work of renewal helping Jesus "make all things new."

Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal CFR ::: The sisters work with the poor and engage in evangelization through the various works of their apostolate. ::: The roots of Grassroots Films streatch deep into a history connedted with Fr Benedict Groeschel and Saint Francis House; a half way house in Brooklyn that has heen helping troubled youth and young adults find ways to progress along the life long task of surviving and thriving. 

Peter Prisco Jazz Guitarist ::: Peter Prisco - a dear friend - passed on to the other side January 3, 2019. We lost a great one...

Peter Scattaretico ::: Scat - a long time friend and rythem section partner - is a highly skilled and accomplished drummer. He has played wih the best and appears on The Spirit of The Lord and The Art of Improvising, Scola Tristano, The New Culture Concert as well as several tracks on Fr Stan's CD's.