Fr Stan's Complete Discography

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I Will Sing does not fall solely under one musical genre although jazz and world music influences are clearly heard. The album features – more than any other recording – Fortuna’s bass playing especially on “Bass Strings Sing” and “Standing Upright” where he composed on his upright bass live in studio with Manuel Lopez III on drums, finishing it later.

“I am grateful for the completion of this new CD, I Will Sing. The music is inspired by a new approach that I refer to as ‘groove composing’, says Fortuna. “It’s like a structured session of improvisation that sets in motion melodies, chord structures and feeling for the music and the arrangements. It gives some expression to the singing and the songs in my soul.” + Fr. Stan


  1. garden grove groove
  2. i love you 
  3. bass strings sing 
  4. God goes up 
  5. standing upright 
  6. nobody lovin nobody 
  7. sing a new song 
  8. multi color blues 
  9. ready 
  10. i will sing 
  11. sorrow 
  12. amoris letecia 
  13. freedom 
  14. this side of the dawn 
  15. sweetly singing song

“20 tracks…1 hour and 3 minutes worth of music…alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!” + Fr. Stan


  1. best prep 3:46
  2. boo boo got a hip hop bop blues 1:44
  3. oye 3:07
  4. fascinate 2:56
  5. dip the tip 2:31
  6. all 4 love 4:15
  7. take me 3:21
  8. soul transformation 3:25
  9. grande groove shout out 2:43
  10. basically love 3:30
  11. lesson learner 3:39
  12. can't get you out of my mind 3:43
  13. papa francesco 2:45
  14. benedict emeritus 4:13
  15. canticle for your canonization 6:09
  16. beautiful ballad 3:44
  17. roman market 0:49
  18. she was standing 1:52
  19. solitude 12-31-13 2:58
  20. pouring out love 1:54

Renewal marks the first album that includes one of Fortuna's most popular, original songs,"What Joy", which he has never recorded until now. "Grateful Am I", a piece originally written as an ode to his parents when he first became a priest, "Holy Masquerade", one of the most elaborate tracks on the album, "Cause of Our Joy", a uniquely styled Marian reflection, "Prayer to St. Augustine" as well as "Forever with You" have all been re-worked with new arrangements that feature lush layers of background vocals, generous doses of Fortuna's fretless bass solos, a rare appearance of Fortuna on upright bass and a variety of percussion with strong jazz and Brazilian influences.

Renewal also features performances by renowned Ray Charles’ trumpeter Dave Hoffman, JJ Wright (Director of Arts University of Notre Dame) on piano, and Manual Lopez III (m3studios) on drums.


  1. What Joy
  2. Forever With You
  3. Holy Masquerade
  4. So Much Love
  5. Grateful Am I
  6. Prayer of St, Augustine
  7. Cause Of Our Joy
  8. Joy Of All Who Sorrow
  9. Lord Have Mercy
  10. The Humility Of God
  11. Learn Me Love
  12. Little Flower Song
  13. Loved By You
  14. Ty4 Twenty Five

Seraphic Wanderer is a marked departure from Fr. Stan's previous works and showcases a mélange of musical styles he has experienced throughout his travels. It explores Fr. Stan’s musical roots and highlights some significant moments in his life. "1-11-04" is an ode to the day that his mentor and Community founder, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, was involved in a serious accident. "Uganda Are You Ready" features some Ugandan musicians he met while working with a mission in the poverty-stricken area of Masaka, Uganda. "Love Giver" was written as a tribute to his mother who passed away during the making of this album and to whom the entire CD is dedicated.

Fr. Stan infuses the album with grooves and sounds ranging from latin pop to rock with sixteen bars of hip hop, spoken word to chant, world beat to smooth jazz as well as Brazilian melodies and textures.

  1. JPII “Wanderer” Text 1:30
  2. Everything Will Be Alright 5:56
  3. Fresh Eggs and Fish 3:21
  4. Uganda Are You Ready 3:00
  5. Stretch Me 3:14
  6. Wings of Love 3:28
  7. 1-11-04 3:32
  8. 7 From Heaven 4:39
  9. Immigrant Soul 4:39
  10. Something About Love 4:44
  11. Morning Offering 4:46
  12. Lift Up 3:40
  13. Love Giver 4:06
  14. SW Outro 1:08

The completion of the trilogy - Sacro Song 3 is the third rap CD by Fr. Stan in the Sacro Song series. Positive rap and hip-hop messages for everyone.


  1. Ave Maria
  2. Ain't No Party Dialogue
  3. Ain't No Party
  4. Got The Mike On?
  5. Jesus Talks
  6. Daddy Wound
  7. The Great One
  8. World F.A.M.I.L.Y.
  9. Ima Do Me
  10. B 16 Bomber
  11. Ya Ya Groove
  12. Hangin In There Dialogue
  13. Hangin In There
  14. KW
  15. Peace Shout Out
  16. Bach Me Up
  17. Mercia
  18. I'm Lovin You

Song written for JP2 featuring Righteous B. Included are excerpts from JP2 writings read by Fr. Stan himself as well as a special karaoke version.


  1. The Great One
  2. FS & RB Dialogue Track
  3. FS Reading JPII’s Feb. ‘04 (prep for Cologne ’05)
  4. FS reading JPII’s Redemptor Hominius 1979 #’s 10 & 13
  5. FS reading JPII’s Ecclesia De Eucharistia 2003 #’s 17, 20, 62
  6. FS teaching: "The Great One" - May 24, 2005
  7. The Great One (karaoke version)

Dear Friends in Christ,
When people hear "adoration" the obvious questions arise: "Is it a Eucharistic CD?" "Is it about the Blessed Sacrament?" The answer to these questions and others like it is "Yes... Of course..." yet, what does that mean? The magnitude of the awesomeness of the Eucharistic Mystery gets ignored by some and isolated by others; ignored by people who don't believe and isolated from the culture by people who live and construct a private world in harmony with their religious convictions. Not a good thing.

Both of these experiences - the ignoring of the Mystery by some and the isolation of the Mystery by others - are being addressed with the message of this CD. I"m hoping, praying and intending the CD to be a tool, a means to the end of one of the highest human acts - adoration thus fostering and strengthening communion with God which will foster and strengthen communion with all peoples. Please pray it will be a help for us who spend time in the Presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament and a help for us to live out the spirituality of communion in the heart of the Church and the heart of the contemporary culture as the Holy Father JP II has been stressing and living and challenging us with for years! Check out the following conclusion from JP; "Therefore, I have maintained that a faith that does not effect a persons culture is a faith 'not fully embraced, not entirely thought out, not faithfully lived.'"

Peace and Blessings 4 ever in Jesus and Mary...


  1. little flower song 
  2. little flower instrumental
  3. the humility of God 
  4. I will pledge this song to You 
  5. forever with you
  6. fatima angel prayer 
  7. Mãe de Luz (Mother of Light)
  8. part of me 
  9. I wanna go to Heaven 
  10. adoration 
  11. school of the Eucharist 
  12. gift of finest wheat
  13. gift of finest wheat (instrumental)

This live concert was recorded in New York on December 7, 2003. Disc 1 features a jazz set with Fr. Stan Fortuna on bass, Peter Prisco on guitar and Peter Scattaretico on drums. Disc 2 is a rap set performed by Fr. Stan utilizing bass guitar, percussion instruments and boomerang phrase sampling. All first takes, no studio overdubs or punch-ins.


Disc: 1


  1. My Blues Is A Pretty Color
  2. I Don't Know Why
  3. 317 E. 32nd Street
  4. You Don't Know What Love Is
  5. Rhythm Scatt Vocal
  6. Drum Bluzia
  7. Shuffel Blues
  8. Another Flavor Blues
  9. You Can Depend On Me/WOW
  10. It's You Or No One

Disc: 2


  1. The Zipper Zone
  2. Intro 2 Never Been Born
  3. Never Been Born
  4. Intro 2 Kumbya
  5. Kumbya
  6. Intro 2 Everybody Got 2 Suffer
  7. Everybody Got 2 Suffer

Track Listing

  1. Joy to the World 
  2. Silent Night 
  3. Come to the Crib
  4. Away in a Manger 
  5. O Holy Night
  6. Little Drummer Boy
  7. The First Noel
  8. Go Tell It On A Mountain 
  9. White Christmas
  10. I'll Be Home for Christmas 
  11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 
  12. Christmas Flow

Fr. Stan Fortuna , Peter Scattaretico and Peter Prisco have been deeply involved with the music of the Tristano School for the last 25 years... Fortuna and Scattaretico have both studied at length with Lennie Tristano and performed with his master disciples Warne Marsh and Sal Mosca and also Lennie himself... Prisco had studied for more than a decade with Sal Mosca... and performed with Warne Marsh.
The music on this cd represents the freedom both rhythmically and harmonically that is so evident in those involved with the Tristano school. Also there is the added factor of the instinctive communication between musical compatriots who have been good friends for years... the result is spontaneous and inspiring both in line and sound....exhibiting great energy and life...

The music of Scola Tristano represents the musicians’ deep respect for the spontaneous improvisation of master pianist Lennie Tristano. The rhythm section feel is reminiscent of the early Bill Evans Trio in its collective freedom. Bill loved Lennie and so do these musicians. Lennie loved to be free and so do these musicians. Enjoy the music!

Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR: bass, vocals
Peter Prisco: guitar
Peter Scattaretico: percussion


  1. All Things 
  2. It's You
  3. What Would I Do (vocal) 
  4. All of Me (trio)
  5. Blame Me 
  6. I Don't Know Why (vocal)
  7. Goin Home 
  8. Body and Soul 
  9. All of Me (duo/vocal)

This is the much anticipated follow-up to Fr. Stan's highly successful Catholic Rap CD from 1998 called Sacro Song. In Sacro Song II, Fr. Stan continues to explore the human condition in its many facets. The music is fresh and original, the messages are moral and true. Although the CD is primarily rap, Fr. Stan is able to blend in touches of jazz and world beat percussion. This makes for an interesting marriage of musical genres. Fr. Stan dedicates this CD to His Holiness Pope John Paul II.


  1. Magnificat (Fr. Fortuna Tone #2 Intro)
  2. Say Yes to Sex (Theology of the Body) 
  3. F.A.M.I.L.Y. remix (one mo time)
  4. Libre (Freedom) 
  5. Everybody Got to Suffer (Everybody) 
  6. Baraka (Conversion/Blessing)
  7. Cell 91 (JP II)
  8. Instructional Dialogue
  9. Unborn Victims of Violence (A New Law?)
  10. Dame Tu Luz (Give Me Your Light)
  11. HDHD (Hand-down hand-drum)
  12. Magnificat (Fr. Fortuna Tone #2 Outro)

"I wanted to capture the live prayerful spirit of worship in the studio, in different musical contexts with as many musicians as time and circumstance would allow. The results far exceeded my expectations. Many of the compositions as well as much of the musical contexts and production are much more a reflection of worship than performance.

As my hero Pope John Paul II said, "Music is a universal language, capable of raising deep emotions and transmitting noble sentiments, of creating states of mind similar to the fervor of the artist." I hope your experience of listening will draw you ever more deeply into the awesome event of worshiping the Great Mystery of the Most High God...

Referring to the Holy Father again: "Among the manifestations of the human spirit, music performs an elevated function, one that is unique and irreplaceable. When it is beautiful and inspired, music speaks to us even more than the other areas of goodness, of peace, of sacred divine things."
May the beauty, goodness and peace of sacred things divine captivate your mind and heart now and 4 ever in Jesus and Mary..." - Fr. Stan+


  1. I Will Worship You
  2. Alleluia, Jesus Is The Lord
  3. Worship Jam (Change My Heart, Oh God & Reign In Me)
  4. Glorify Thy Name
  5. Worship Call
  6. Bernadette's Song
  7. Jesus, Jesus Touch Me
  8. Lay Your Burden Down
  9. Awake, O Lord
  10. Urban Worship
  11. We Will Worship You
  12. Canticle Of Brother Sun

"The Second Collection, my first CD of the new millennium, represents some of my favorite songs from my last five CD's. It also includes 'Eternity' from my first recording. I hope it will be a refreshing and inspiring way to listen to melodies, sounds and music that move the soul to a deeper relationship with Jesus." - Fr. Stan+


  1. Learn Me Love
  2. You Don't Know What Love Is
  3. Forever With You
  4. Holy Masquerade
  5. Behold The Cross Of The Lord
  6. Eternity
  7. Prayer Of St. Joseph
  8. Jesus Take Me As I Am
  9. Lord Have Mercy
  10. F.A.M.I.L.Y. (In Laws)
  11. Take Control
  12. Come And Worship/Adoremus Te Domine
  13. Ave Maria De Allegria
  14. Play Fiddle Play
  15. Immaculata Reprisa-Suprisa

This is a 100% Catholic Rap CD which touches on themes such as pro-life and teenage suicide prevention. It is designed to deliver positive Catholic messages to our youth in the musical format that they most appreciate. A soul-stirrin', foot-stompin', in ya face mystical catechesis!


  1. Glory B: Fr. Fortuna Tone #1 (Intro)
  2. The Zipper Zone (Chastity)
  3. Never Been Born (Mercy)
  4. Lord Have Mercy (Enigma Reparation) 
  5. Kumbya (Pass by my way)
  6. Psalm 51 (God is kind and merciful)
  7. F.A.M.I.L.Y. (In-Law)
  8. F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Out-Law)
  9. Walk With Me (Come Holy Spirit)
  10. Glory B: Fr. Fortuna Tone #1 (Outro)

A live concert featuring Father Stan Fortuna with local New York jazz greats. The album features some of Fr. Stan's original compositions, a stirring rendition of Amazing Grace with an amazing tenor sax solo by Carmen Leggio and some jazz and beebop standards such as All of Me, All the Things You Are, You Don't Know What Love Is, Play Fiddle Play, and Donna Lee.



  1. Amazing Grace
  2. All of Me
  3. You Don't Know What Love Is
  4. All the Things You Are
  5. Play Fiddle Play
  6. Donna Lee
  7. Grateful Am I
  8. In Memory of Me
  9. Forever With You
  10. Cause of Our Joy
  11. Take Control
  12. Never Been Born

This is the first time Fr. Stan has collected some of his favorite compositions along with three new recordings (As I Live, Were You There, and Come To The Cross) - thus, First Collection. May the diversity of musical styles and prayers lead you ever more deeply into the mystery of the Father and His love.


  1. Cry For Shelter
  2. So Much Love
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Mary, Joy Of All Who Sorrow
  5. Behold, Wonder And Rejoice
  6. Take My Heart
  7. Prayer Of St. Augustine
  8. In Memory Of Me
  9. As I Live
  10. Cause Of Our Joy
  11. Were You There
  12. Come To The Cross

God commands us in the Bible "Give Me your heart" (Proverbs 23:26). The purpose of this music is to help its listeners learn how to pray. We cannot give Him our heart on our own power. Life is hard. So we pray, "Take my heart". As the song says, "Let Him play His part, don't let Him wait to start. Ya gotta pray - TAKE MY HEART"!

This music is dedicated to all its listeners and to all young people, especially those who have made and will make a Youth 2000 Retreat.


  1. Shine Jesus Shine
  2. Come And Fill This Temple
  3. Singing Hallelujah
  4. In Memory Of Me
  5. Alabare/Yo Tengo Gozo Medley
  6. Take My Heart
  7. Jesus Take Me As I Am
  8. As I Kneel Before You
  9. Take Control
  10. Lord You Are More Precious/I Exalt Thee Medley
  11. Come And Worship/Adoramus Te Domine Medley

A collection of contemporary Christian songs, with some standards as well as original compositions by Father Stan. This CD allows the listener to contemplate and meditate on the awesome love of God, in a very personal and introspective way. In the words of St. Basil the Great in describing the great prophet Elijah: "The Wilderness received the hermit,....the provision of his life's journey was hope in God". May the holy prophet Elijah help us to hear the "small still sound" of God's voice by surrendering to stillness.


  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Attune My Mind
  3. Soul Of My Saviour
  4. Sing Out My Soul
  5. When I Go To The Farm
  6. Mary Joy Of All Who Sorrow
  7. Prayer Of St. Augustine
  8. O Piercing Flame
  9. Take My Breath Away
  10. In Memory Of Me
  11. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
  12. Over The Long Haul
  13. CFR Associate Song
  14. Psalm 148