Contemplation 2020: "One Hour"

Initially I had a lively desire to record a “one hour” project to help inspire prayer for one hour. This desire was ignited by Jesus in Matthew 26:40: “Could you not watch with me for one hour?”. I intended to call the project “Contemplation” and I started developing the music in the middle of 2018.

In light of the events of 2020, amongst many other things, I was afforded extended periods of time through which I was able to complete the project and rename it: Contemplation 2020 - One Hour.

Here it is, “one hour” of music in 11 movements available now for digital download by clicking the button below.

Digital Download

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Track List
1st Movement Jesus ~ At the Name of Jesus  4:44
2nd Movement All ~ Jesus my Lord and my God and my All  6:23
3rd Movement Ergo ~ Tantum Ergo  6:08
4th Movement Fortunate ~ Fortunate Soul (Anima Fortunata) 4:18
5th Movement Memory ~ In Memory of Me  5:58
6th Movement Immaculate ~ Immaculate Mary  6:04
7th Movement Remember ~ Jesus Remember Me  5:09
8th Movement Mary ~ Sing of Mary  7:36
9th Movement Resolution ~ Jesus Resolutely Set out for Jerusalem  7:00
10th Movement Water ~ The Water is Wide  4:50
11th Movement Adoramus ~ Adoramus Te Domine 2:45
  Total Time ~ One Hour (& 55 seconds)